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The Workforce Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Pixid for their impressive global growth and their innovative and adaptable solution, tailored to regional markets and clients. Their quick, easy-to-implement product, backed by strong customer testimonials, showcased their internal and client collaboration. 

The Contractor Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Jove for their disruptive approach to the market, with a solution that meets an increasing need for international talent, and the potential to solve a big sourcing problem for the recruitment industry 

The Candidate Experience Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised WorkLLama for their innovative solution which is solving the problem of candidate engagement and experience, with an AI-enabled talent brand and community aligned to their clear mission to help people find happiness in work.  


Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Unifrog for providing an effective bridge between school leavers and the world of work, closing the disadvantaged gap with a targeted recruitment marketing solution solving an important workforce problem. 

The DE&I Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Vercida’s innovative use of technology and strong, purpose-led platform which offers a robust set of tools and resources to help employers attract, train, and retain diverse talent across all protected characteristics. 

The Compliance Solution of the Year

Judges Comments: Judges praised Worksome for its impressive use of AI to streamline compliance processes, significantly reducing contractor onboarding times and providing clients with real-time risk assessments and indemnification features.

The Payroll Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised mywage for their innovative one-stop-shop solution, which focuses on shift-based, and on-demand pay solutions, addressing significant client needs and offering real-time visibility, control, and transparency in payroll management. 

The Employee Experience Solution of the year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Oyster for their ability to cover a breadth of crucial areas such as Hiring, Payroll, Rewards, and Expenses across multiple geographies, addressing the challenges faced by UK businesses with a distributed workforce.

The Talent Tech innovation Award
(<30 employees)

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised inploi for their continued investment in research and development with an AI-led, multi-lingual, programmatic solution that is enhancing the hiring process by humanising interactions and improving candidate engagement. 


Judges’ Comments: Judges praised SourceWhale for their exceptional innovation in revolutionising recruitment through advanced AI and NLP technologies, enhancing effectiveness in candidate management and business development.

The Talent Tech growth Award

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised SourceWhale for their market leading growth across a wide range of metrics – from users, clients and revenue to global expansion and strategic hires as well as a detailed plan for future expansion. 


Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Pixid for their dedication to customer satisfaction and innovation, with impressive global growth and a client-focused approach. Their tailored solutions highlight their innovative edge and responsiveness to market needs. 

The Optima Talent Tech Leader of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Janette for her exceptional leadership style and consistency in driving growth, fostering innovation, and prioritising both customer and employee satisfaction. Under her guidance, Talos360 has achieved significant year on year growth with new product partnerships.  

The talent tech Champion of Champions Award

Judges’ Comments: As the winner of this year’s Innovation and Growth Awards, SourceWhale is a champion of productivity in recruitment and scale in talent tech. Judges praised their strong emphasis on customer success and continuous innovation, demonstrated by impressive adoption and growth across a wide range of metrics. SourceWhale have built on a strong valuation with an impressive number of global clients and a strong leadership team to support scale.